Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy to be THERE ~ Telluride Vacay Day 3

We hit the trails early this morning with the jog strollers again and wouldn't you know that when the terrain was stroller friendly the kids have decided they would rather walk than ride...sigh! 

But the kids are getting along great and Tate, Kari and Lee's oldest son, has been so helpful with the little ones.  I think they prefer to all 3 walk together rather than riding separately. 

This morning's views from the mountain between Telluride and Mountain Village were spectacular and were not the slightest bit affected by the light drizzle.

A trail closure extended our hike a bit but that just gave us more time to enjoy the scenery.  We were all starving by the time we got back to Mountain Village but the sun had come out so we got to have a leisurely lunch at Tomboy Tavern.  Tomboy Tavern is one of Mountain Village's most popular restaurants and their giant yellow outdoor umbrella clad patio is still the to be scene place apres ski.  Though during the summer it seemed totally appropriate for 3 tired, hungry kids and 4 thirsty adults! 

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed out to dinner with plans to try the Thai place, Siam Thai.  Given that we had 7 people it was quite a lengthy wait and when I took Maison inside to go potty it was so hot in there I wanted to faint.  We decided to try a restaurant across the street called There.  The good news was that they had a table available.  The bad news was that it was big enough for about 3 people (if you go to their website and click "The Place" and scroll down you can see the small table in the window on the right).  We were so crowded that at one point Kari told Tate that if he didn't stop touching her she was going to have a panic attack!  I was right there with her.  It was very hot in there and very crowded but considering they had delicious food and an available table we were just happy to be THERE!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rockin Stroller Coaster ~ Telluride Vacay Day 2

Kari and her family come to Telluride every July and they graciously offered for us to come along this year.  We had never been before and are always up for a new adventure so we were super excited to see what all Telluride had to offer.  I personally was looking forward to a day that didn't involve small places or vomit inducing car rides.

We started our first full day in Telluride off with a morning hike.  Kari had suggested that we rent jog strollers for the kids to make the hike easier.  Some of the terrain was rather rocky so it made for a bumpy ride and a strenuous workout for the person pushing a 30 lb toddler in a 20 lb stroller up hill over rocks!  The hike was well worth the view...Telluride is beautiful!

View from Maison's stroller:

Rocky strolling terrain!

Fast friends:

3 Happy Hikers:

After our hike we had lunch at the Parlor cafe at the Sheridan hotel.  The Sheridan hotel, established in 1895, is the oldest hotel in Telluride and was the perfect spot to relax after our hike.  We went back to house to take naps, read, etc.  I really don't remember the last time I sat down to read.  It was wonderful!

For dinner we took our friend Jan's suggestion and ate at Cosmo's.  It was as good if not better than Jan description...completely fab!  We had a great time despite the couple who lucked out and got the table that was right above our party of 7 that included 3 kids, 2 of which were 3 or under.  The children were actually great so other than their mere presence I have no idea why these people were giving us the stare down.  Did we not see a sign that said no children are allowed?  Seriously if they act better than most adults who cares?

The last 24 hours have been like a roller coaster from bad to fab!  We are loving Telluride so far!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thankful for wine ~ Telluride Vacay Day 1

We. are. here.  It's really arguable who is or Maison.  I literally hate travel days.  I hate the hassle at the airport of checking in, security lines, maneuvering the airport with a toddler in a stroller, gate checking strollers, numerous toddler bathroom stops, etc.  But the only thing I hate more is having to fly on a small plane.  I have enough common sense to know that flying into Grand Junction that we would not be on a 747 but I wasn't expecting a plane the size of a coffin.  Yes, a coffin.  I walked onto the plane with Maison and literally didn't even make it past the cockpit before I turned back and told Adam I couldn't do it.  To which he replied non-verbally by pushing me with the carry-ons and gave me a look that read "YOU'RE GOING, I didn't haul 50 lbs of crap through the airport for nothing". 

What every claustrophobic person likes to know is that they are in the LAST row of a VERY SMALL plane.  Why I do not have a standing prescription for Valium is beyond me.  I'm pretty sure a shot of vodka and a Valium would have immediately cured my aliment but no such luck, I had to suck it up and set an example for Mais...hhheemmm.  Let's just say the flight was from hell but the other passengers were fortunate that I talked myself out of about 15 panic attacks. 

When we made it to the Ale House in Grand Junction for lunch I could have not been happier.  I could not have poured wine down my throat any faster.  I'm pretty sure I drank an entire glass before we even ordered our meal.  I am so thankful Kari suggested we stop for lunch before driving to Telluride and so thankful that they had decent wine!

I was doing just fine when we stopped in Montrose for groceries but was ready to jump out of my skin when we hit the mountain roads on the way to Telluride.  I really admire Adam's patience.  I don't know how he does it considering Maison didn't nap the entire day and was non-stop asking for the iPad and I was non-stop complaining of car sickness.  How is he not an alcoholic?  And I have to hand it to Kari, she does know me well.  After I recovered from my car sickness she offered me a glass of wine...what a good friend!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Handling the Heat

For the third straight year, I competed in the Too Hot to Handle 15k this morning.  Every year after immediately crossing the finish line I swear I'm not going to do this race again.  Let's be honest, despite it being part of the Run Project race series, I probably would have signed up anyway as some how the miserableness fads away when it's time to register for the next year.  It's like childbirth, you don't recall the pain until you have to do it again.

Running 9.9 miles in the oppressive heat is just that, MIS-ER-ABLE, but if you waited for optimum running temp around here you would be waiting forever.  Apparently I enjoy an extremely red face and sweating profusely as I have absolutely nothing to report other than that I finished.  Finished at 1:31....bettering my goal of 10:00 pace with a 9:50 pace and finishing an entire 5 minutes faster than I did last year.  After a celebratory patio (patio, why not?  If I can run in this temp I certainly can sit in it!) lunch where I washed down my lunch with 3 glasses of Chard, I'd say I'm handling the heat just fine!

Editor's Note:  There are no pictures of this event because apparently handling a camera, watching a toddler, and trying to see when someone is crossing the finish line is too much multitasking for some people.  No we will not be naming names but I do appreciate Adam, Maison, and my mother coming to watch me finish.  Some of these people may or may not have had cameras with them...just saying.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Heart Water Violators

I realized this morning while running 8 miles that I could never be a runner in Dallas if it weren't for the sprinklers.  Since we have been in a severe drought and under water restrictions for over a year there is nothing more pleasing than running through the nice cool water when you are sweating to death.  Our neighborhood is on alternating watering days so depending on your side of the street you either water Mon/Thurs or Tues/Sat, which means there is no watering on Wed, Fri, or Sun. 

Anyone watering on a non-watering acceptable day is considered a water violator and is subject to fines by the COP.  I personally LOVE the water violators and it has nothing to do with their defiance in order to achieve lovely green grass.  There are studies that show that water restrictions actually lead to more water usage than times without restrictions  Apparently everyone wants their water ration like Sally from A Charlie Brown Christmas, "All I want is what is coming to me.  All I want is my fair share."  Even if that means gaining their share on a non-sharing day.

So on Wed, Fri, and Sun you can find water violating sprinklers to run through but you have to be very good.  It's an art, I must admit, to be able to hear a sprinkler running from a block away.  It's a very special art considering I can't hear Adam in the room next to me but I can hear a sprinkler a block away over the pitter patter of my feet and with Britney blasting in my ears.  An art indeed!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Winey Birthday

My mom can come up with some good ones and when she suggested hosting a wine tasting for Shari and my birthday we were completely on board.  My mom chose a Spanish theme so all the wines, cheeses, and apps were from Spain.  It really turned out to be one for the record books as she planned on 6 bottles of wine for the 6 people that were drinking and I lost count after 9 bottles...don't judge even if it is a Sunday afternoon it's MY BIRTHDAY!

She also got our red velvet cake from my favorite bakery, Bake Rejoice.  We have absolutely raved about her cakes since she made Maison's first b-day cake and this was literally the BEST cake I have ever eaten.

Mais and I checking out the red velvet!

Adam and Maison gave me cake decorating and cupcake decorating classes.  I've always been in awe of how anyone could make amazing things out of frosting and fondant...I cannot wait to start my classes!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Babying Eddie V's

In celebration of Shari and my birthday we had a family dinner at Eddie V's.  I could feel the stare down from the valet as he opened my door and I went to open the back door to get Maison.  I felt the judging when no one made a move to help me open the door when I was carrying a 30 lb toddler and when I got the head to toe once over from the hostess when I put Maison down and fluffed her dress.  Ok I get it...nice restaurants cringe when they see a toddler coming.  When we located my parents and Shari at our table, we got the "you have a a bar" stares from the tables around us.

But these people obviously don't know my toddler and her love for the iPhone because she didn't make a peep.  In fact, the drunken business men and the man whose date that looked to be about half his age were actually more of a spectacle than my 2 1/2 year old.  Besides the waiter didn't have a problem with it and was already prepared with a list of child friendly dishes the chef could make.  If they don't want children in their restaurant then I doubt they'd be able to whip up chicken fingers in 5 minutes flat.

Do you think the 'judgers' congratulated me (hheemm, ok Apple) on raising such a well behaved child on our way out?  Let's just say I took my sweet time buckling Maison into her car seat all while giving the head to toe once over to all those diners standing in the heat impatiently waiting for the valet behind us to pull up with their expensive cars.  Hopefully they tipped poorly...maybe the valet will think twice before delivering a toddler hating stare down next time!